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75-90 min session

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Family Therapy

No two children grow up in exactly the same family. Every child is born into a family with their own innate personalities, and every parent interacts with each child differently. Hence, family dynamics are usually much more complicated than most of us think. Dynamics develop when a family is young, and continue to evolve and become long-lasting ways of functioning. However, like couples, every family faces challenges and conflicts. At Heathrow Psychology, we can help your family, or part of your family, learn how to resolve conflicts and interact in mature, loving, and compassionate ways.

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Play Therapy

In play therapy, the therapist uses toys and games to help children explore, express, and experience the difficulties they are working through in a safe space.
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Intensive Therapy

Intensive Therapy allows you to work on individual, couples, or family challenges in two to four consecutive days for four to six hours per day. By working intensely, we can dive into the emotions that have been driving your thinking and behavior.
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Couples Therapy

Couples Therapy offers couples the help they need to understand themselves and each other, better than ever. We can lead you to a more compassionate and connected partnership.
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Adolescent Therapy

Adolescent Therapy can help you navigate the constantly changing landscape that is adolescence. By working with you to eliminate destructive patterns, we can lead you towards confidence
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Individual Therapy

Individual Therapy is designed to help alleviate feelings of anxiety, depression, fear, anger, or other feelings that keep you from living the live you have envisioned for yourself.