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About Us

Heathrow Psychology was established in 2007 by Dr. Karlinsky. For most of the past thirteen years, Dr. Karlinsky worked independently so that she could be available to her family while her children were young. In 2021, Dr. Karlinsky partnered with Bob O’Brien whose business experience helped grow Heathrow Psychology into one of the premier therapy groups in Central Florida. Since then, they have brought on therapists who have demonstrated excellence in their preferred specialties.

Our Mission

The most important piece of Heathrow Psychology’s philosophy about mental health is that the therapists are people too. We know what you are feeling. We have felt it. If we haven’t had the experience, we have had one that may have been just as difficult or painful. We have our own stories, with ups and downs. We have fallen, failed, our relationships have ruptured, and been repaired. There isn’t a human being that comes through our doors that we judge to be any different or “less than” us. We are here to provide a service with which we have been educated, trained, tested, and researched. But the most important teachers have been our clients, and we remember that and uphold that respect always.

Young African American Couple Handshaking With Marriage Counselor After Therapy

“Our wounds are often the openings into the best and most beautiful part of us.”

― David Richo